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Barnard, Stephen (2008) Developing organisational learning in the Ambulance Service: An evaluation of the North West Ambulance Service's ability to learn and develop knowledge from adverse incidents to improve organisational performance. Masters thesis, University of Bolton.

Bent, Moira and Scopes, Marie and Senior, Karen (2008) Discrete library services for international students: how can exclusivity lead to inclusivity? In: Libraries without walls 7: Exploring 'anytime', 'anywhere' delivery of library services. Facet, London. ISBN ISBN 978-1-85604-623-7

Brandwood, Pauline M. and Woolnough, Helen M. and Hahlo, Ken and Davidson, Marilyn J. (2008) Career development and good practice in the retail sector in England: A national study to investigate the barriers to women's promotion to senior positions in retail management. Project Report. University of Manchester, Manchester Business School, Manchester.

Brown, Roni and Heatly, Richard and Last, John and Powley, Fiona and Thomas, Barbara E. and Walter, Jo and Wareing, Shân (2008) Working without a script? rethinking how academics can work collaboratively in changing contexts. In: The student experience in art and design higher education: drivers for change - GLAD - Group for Learning in Art and Design. Jill Rogers Associates. ISBN 0954711173


Dahiya, J. B. and Muller-Hagedorn, M. and Bockhorn, H. and Kandola, Baljinder K. (2008) Synthesis and thermal behaviour of Polyamide 6/Bentonite/APP composites. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 93 (11). pp. 2038-2041. ISSN 0141-3910

Darwell, John (2008) Back alleyway bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Bag by tree. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Bag in grass. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Bag under foliage. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Bag under grass. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Bag with light. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Bags on fencing. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Black bag hanging. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Blue bags on fence. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Bunny ears. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) By tree stump. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Carrier DFB. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Christmas pudding bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Clear bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) DP bag by bridge. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) DP bag in tree. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) DP bags in fence. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Grass bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Hanging yellow bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) In tree bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Jelly fish bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Long tail bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Maroon and black bags. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Nettle bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Off white bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Orange DP bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Parachute bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Parachute bag two. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Pink bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Pink bag on fence. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Purple and yellow bags. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Squashed bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Squashed bag two. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Squashed black bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Tockholes bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Turqoise DP bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Turqoise bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Turqoise buried. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Turqoise heart shape. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Turqoise on grass. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Twin bags. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Undergrowth bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) White angel bag. [Image]

Darwell, John (2008) Yellow bag. [Image]

Davies, M and Rogers, Paul and Bates, Jo-Anne (2008) Blame towards male rape victims as a function of victim sexuality and degree of resistance. Journal of Homosexuality, 55 (3). pp. 533-544. ISSN 0091-8369 (Print)


Griffiths, David and Liber, Oleg (2008) Opportunities, achievements, and prospects for use of IMS LD. In: Handbook of research on learning design and learning objects: issues, applications, and technologies. IGI Global, pp. 87-112. ISBN 9781599048611

Grimshaw, Mark (2008) Autopoiesis and sonic immersion: Modelling sound-based player relationships as a self-organizing system. In: 6th Annual International Conference in Computer Game Design and Technology, 12 - 13 November 2008, Liverpool. (Submitted)

Grimshaw, Mark (2008) Sound and immersion in the first-person shooter. International Journal of Intelligent Games and Simulation, 5 (1). pp. 119-124. ISSN 1477-2043

Grimshaw, Mark (2008) WIKINDX. WIKINDX. (Unpublished)

Grimshaw, Mark (2008) The acoustic ecology of the first-person shooter: the player experience of sound in the first-person shooter computer game. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Germany. ISBN 978-3639024081

Grimshaw, Mark and Lindley, Craig A. and Nacke, Lennart E. (2008) Sound and immersion in the first-person shooter: Mixed measurement of the player's sonic experience. In: Audio Mostly, 22 - 33 October 2008, Piteå. (Submitted)

Grimshaw, Mark and Schott, Gareth (2008) A conceptual framework for the design and analysis of first-person shooter audio and its potential use for game engines. International Journal of Computer Games Technology, 2008. ISSN 1687-7047


Heenan, Colleen (2008) A feminist psychodynamic group therapy for obese women. In: Appearance Matters 3, 2008, University of the West of England. (Submitted)

Hernández-Leo, Davinia and Pérez-Sanagustín, Mar and Santos, Patricia and Sayago, Sergio and Griffiths, David and Blat, Josep (2008) Dialogic learning and interactive groups: an IMS LD. In: 4th TENCompetence conference , 10 - 11 2008, Madrid, Spain. (Submitted)

Hyland, Terry (2008) Mindfulness and lifelong learning. Prospero, 14 (4). pp. 5-10. ISSN 1358-6785

Hyland, Terry (2008) Mindfulness and the therapeutic aims of education. In: European Educational Research Association ECER Conference 2008, 10 - 12 September 2008, Göteburg. (Submitted)


Johnson, Mark W. and Liber, Oleg (2008) The Personal Learning Environment and the human condition: from theory to teaching practice. Interactive Learning Environments, 16 (1). pp. 3-15. ISSN 1049-4820

Jones, Paul and Bampouras, Theodoros (2008) Ability of field tests to detect lower limb imbalances. In: 16th International Congress of Physical Education and Sport , 16 - 18 May 2008, Democritus University of Thrace. (Submitted)


Kandare, E. and Kandola, Baljinder K. and Price, Dennis and Nazaré, S and Horrocks, Richard (2008) Study of the Thermal Decomposition of Flame-retarded Unsaturated Polyester Resins by Thermogravimetric Analysis and Py-GC/MS. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 93 (11). pp. 1996-2006. ISSN 0141-3910

Kandola, Baljinder K. and Hull, T. Richard (2008) Editorial FRPM'07: 11th European Meeting on Fire Retardant Polymer Materials. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 9 (11). p. 1985. ISSN 0141-3910

Keane, Anne M. (2008) What aspect of handedness is general motor programming related to? International journal of neuroscience, 118 (4). pp. 519-530. ISSN 1543-5245

Kitchener, David A. (2008) The 14-19 Diplomas and universities. A marriage of convenience?: Edge Hill University Research Exchange Seminar Series. Discussion Paper. University of Bolton.

Kitchener, David A. (2008) Issues informing widening participation and retention. In: University of Bolton seminar, 7th March 2008, University of Bolton. (Unpublished)

Kitchener, David A. (2008) An appraisal of the 2008 University of Bolton summer schools. University of Bolton. (Unpublished)

Koper, Rob and Schoonenboom, Judith and Manderveld, Jocelyn and Kluijfhout, Eric and Arjona, Miguel and Griffiths, David and Angehrn, Albert and Van Rosmalen, Peter (2008) Updated use case models and underlying vision documents and pedagogical model definitions. Project Report. Open Universiteit Nederland. (Unpublished)

Kraan, Willem G. (2008) RAMLET implementation study report. Project Report. University of Bolton.


Manderveld, Jocelyn and Griffiths, David and Krekels, Bas and Kew, Christopher (2008) Supporting lifelong competence development and employability using TENCompetence services. In: Online Educa Berlin, 3 December 2008, Berlin, Germany. (In Press)

Markland, Margaret and Burgess, Jayne and Taylor, Sarah E. and Standish, Helen (2008) Publishing, policy and people: overcoming challenges facing institutional repository development. In: Libraries without walls 7: Exploring 'anytime', 'anywhere' delivery of library services. Facet, London, pp. 48-58. ISBN 978-1-85604-623-7

Miao, Yongwu and Burgos, Daniel and Griffiths, David and Koper, Rob (2008) Representation of coordination mechanisms in IMS LD. In: Handbook of research on learning design and learning objects: issues, applications, and technologies. IGI Global, pp. 330-351. ISBN ISBN13: 9781599048611

Millwood, Richard and Powell, Stephen J. and Tindal, Ian (2008) Undergraduate student as action-researcher: work-focused learning. In: UVAC Annual Conference, 2008.

Miraftab, Mohsen and Lickfold, Ann (2008) Utilization of carpet waste in reinforcement of substandard soils. Journal of Industrial Textiles, 38 (2). pp. 167-174. ISSN 1528-0837


Nazaré, S and Kandola, Baljinder K. and Horrocks, Richard (2008) Smoke, CO and CO2 Measurements and Evaluation using Different Fire Testing Techniques for Flame Retardant Unsaturated Polyester Resin Formulations. Journal of Fire Sciences, 26 (3). pp. 215-242.

Notman, Gabriel and Carlisle, Philip and Jackson, Roger (2008) Context based variation of character animation by physical simulation. In: 6th Annual International Conference in Computer Game Design and Technology. Proceedings of the 6th International Game Design and Technology Workshop . Game Design and Technology Workshop, pp. 90-94.


Oughton, Helen M. (2008) Mapping the adult numeracy curriculum: cultural capital and conscientization. Literacy and Numeracy Studies, 16 (1). p. 39. ISSN 1441-0559


Parkin, John and Wardman, Mark and Page, Matthew (2008) Estimation of the determinants of bicycle mode share for the journey to work using census data. Transportation, 35 (1). pp. 93-109. ISSN 0049-4488

Powell, Stephen J. and Tindal, Ian and Millwood, Richard (2008) Personalized learning and the Ultraversity experience. Interactive Learning Environments, 16 (1). pp. 63-81. ISSN 1049-4820


Rudd, David (2008) An eye for an I: Neil Gaiman's Coraline and Questions of Identity. Children's Literature in Education, 39 (3). p. 159. ISSN ISSN 0045-6713


Senior, Karen and Bent, Moira and Scopes, Marie and Sunuodula, Mamtimyn (2008) Library services for international students. Project Report. Sconul.

Shams, Rushdi and Elsayed, Adel (2008) A Corpus-based evaluation of lexical components of a domain-specific text to Knowledge Mapping prototype. In: 11th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology. ICCIT 2008. 11th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology . IEEE, pp. 242-247. ISBN 978-1-4244-2135-0 (Submitted)

Shams, Rushdi and Elsayed, Adel (2008) Development of a conceptual structure for a domain-specific corpus. In: Third International Conference on Concept Mapping, 22 - 25 September 2008, Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. (Submitted)

Sharples, Paul and Griffiths, David and Wilson, Scott (2008) Using widgets to provide portable services for IMS Learning Design. In: 5th TENCompetence Open Workshop: Stimulating Personal Development and Knowledge Sharing, 30 - 31 October 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria. (Submitted)

Smart, G. and Kandola, Baljinder K. and Horrocks, Richard and Nazaré, S and Marney, D (2008) Polypropylene fibers containing dispersed clays having improved fire performance. Part II: characterization of fibers and fabrics from PP-nanoclay blends. Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 19 (6). pp. 658-670. ISSN 1042-7147

Smith, Christopher (2008) Donor community development initiatives & the MDGs : past imperfect-future conditional. NORRAG News (40). pp. 59-61.

Smith, Christopher (2008) Professional development and sustainability in the African TVE sector: a case study on factors influencing implementation. In: ATEE Conference , Brussels. (Submitted)

Smith, Christopher and Rodriguez-Yborra, Maria A. (2008) The Millennium Development Goals; education and ICT. In: School of Arts, Media and Education - staff conference, 2008, University of Bolton. (Submitted)

Snape, Robert (2008) Re- thinking sport: Physical activity and healthy living in British South Asian Muslim communities. Managing Leisure, 13 (1). pp. 23-35.

Stern-Gillet, Suzanne (2008) Augustine and the philosophical foundations of sincerity. In: Reading Ancient Texts. Volume II: Aristotle and Neoplatonism. Essays in Honour of Denis O'Brien. Brill. ISBN 9789004165120

Stern-Gillet, Suzanne (2008) Socrates Redivivus. Philosophical Quarterly, 58 (230). pp. 165-171. ISSN 0031-8094

Stone, Graham (2008) Depositing your research in the University of Bolton Institutional Repository (UBIR). Manual. University of Bolton. (Unpublished)

Stone, Graham (2008) The University of Bolton Institutional Repository progress report April 2008. Project Report. University of Bolton. (Unpublished)

Stone, Graham (2008) A briefing paper for research staff on the University of Bolton Institutional Repository (UBIR). Project Report. University of Bolton. (Unpublished)


Taylor, Sarah E. (2008) Open access, institutional repositories and UBIR. In: Research Seminar Series, Bolton. (Unpublished)

Taylor, Sarah E. (2008) The University of Bolton Institutional Repository progress report November 2008. Project Report. University of Bolton. (Unpublished)

Thomas, Barbara E. and Wade, Sally (2008) Are there relationships between learning, teaching and research in art and design from an academic staff perspective? In: 4th International Conference of CLTAD - Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design., 2008.


Ward, Manus and Shafaghi, Mathew (2008) Online consumer behaviour and the implications for the Irish tourism industry. In: 4th Irish Tourism & Hospitality Research in Ireland Conference, 10th -11th June 2008, Institute of Technology, Tralee, Ireland.

Wilson, Scott (2008) Patterns of personal learning environments. Interactive Learning Environments, 16 (1). pp. 17-34. ISSN 1049-4820


Yao, Yong Tao and Alderson, Andrew and Alderson, K. L. (2008) Can nanotubes display auxetic behaviour? Physica status solidi (b), 245 (11). pp. 2373-2382. ISSN 0370-1972

Yuan, Li and MacNeill, Sheila and Kraan, Willem G. (2008) Open Educational Resources - opportunities and challenges for higher education. Other. JISC CETIS.

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