Applying curricula design principles to enhance students learning experience via in-class formative assessments

Elezi, Enis (2016) Applying curricula design principles to enhance students learning experience via in-class formative assessments. Practice and Research in Education (3).

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This research is focused on investigating the application of curricula design theories as means to improve the delivery of materials for Human Resource Management (HRM) subject in HND programmes. Analysis of HRM curricula set an emphasis on the relationship between the materials delivered in educational institutions and employability skills embraced by students required for further progression in academia or industry. The research has shown that students have the tendency to prioritise summative assessments by procrastinating, neglecting and lacking engagement and participation in class which will then negatively reflect upon students’ motivation and achievement levels. Therefore, this research seeks to explore the implications deriving from increasing the in- class formative assessments as part of curricula design in regards to enhancing students’ engagement, commitment and motivation. The author believes that strengthening the formative assessments together with summative assessments will contribute to a better learning experience, thus equip learners with adequate knowledge to assure smooth progression to more challenging academic programmes and/or industry related roles. The methodology of this research will rely on qualitative grounds, applying observations and focus groups as research techniques. Moreover, the data collected will be discussed and analysed embracing an interpretivism approach and elements of reliability and validity are also discussed.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: HRM Curricula Design, Formative Assessments, Student Engagement, Learning Experience, Transferable Skills, Employability Skills
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Date Deposited: 02 Dec 2016 16:04
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