Three-dimensional weft-knitted textile fabrics-based capacitors

Matsouka, Dimitroula ORCID: 0000-0001-9673-1489, Vassiliadis, Savvas, Mitilineos, Stylianos, Stathopoulos, Nikolas and Siores, E. ORCID: 0000-0003-2971-9580 (2017) Three-dimensional weft-knitted textile fabrics-based capacitors. Journal of the Textile Institute, 109 (1). pp. 98-105. ISSN 0040-5000

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Wearable electronics have evolved from electronic components secured on the human body with straps and belts to partial electronic components integration onto textile structures. Cables and standard components defeat the purpose of the wearable approach by being bulky, rigid and especially not being able to withstand standard textile cleaning/care methods (washing, dry-cleaning, etc.). New 3D textile structures can provide a promising solution. In this research project, we examined the capacitive behaviour of specially prepared 3D weft knitted textile fabrics. The samples knitted specially for this project incorporated conductive outer layers and an insulating inner layer. The outer layers form the plates of the capacitor and the insulating layer plays a role of the dielectric material between the two plates. The structure of these 3D knits allows for inherent capacitive behaviour of the material. These 3D weft-knitted fabrics can be produced on usual existing knitting machines, without any need of dedicated, specialized or expensive equipment. The expected values of the capacitance, based on theoretical calculations, satisfactorily approach the values derived from the measuring process. The ability to customize the structure and hence the capacitance of the 3D fabrics-based capacitors is a positive point towards the design of the textile-based electronics systems in the future. Therefore, the development of textile capacitors based on the 3D fabrics is expected to be an essential contribution to the integration of the wearable system concept.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: 3D fabric, textile capacitors, weft knitted, spacer fabric
Divisions: University of Bolton Research Centres > Institute for Materials Research and Innovation
Depositing User: Tracey Gill
Date Deposited: 17 Aug 2017 12:23
Last Modified: 01 Jun 2018 07:43
Identification Number: 10.1080/00405000.2017.1330174

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